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OLYMPUS-OM2 / Negative

I captured this collection of photos on June 15th, 2009, in Iran/Tehran, during a time when there were no clear predictions on how the presidential electoral conflicts of that year would be resolved. I was residing in an apartment near Vanak Square, which offered a view of the south side of the square and Valiasr Avenue." "During those days, I used to closely follow the election-related news. As a photographer, I knew that despite my pessimistic outlook on the overall situation, I could still document what was happening around me. At that time, I didn't have access to a digital camera suitable for street photography since my digital studio equipment wasn't suitable for the task. However, I did have a few expired 135mm negatives stored in my fridge. So, I decided to take them out and use my old Olympus OM2 negative camera for this endeavour.
As I made my way from Vanak Square to the Fatemi junction, the number of people in the streets increased steadily until the conflict reached its peak. I deliberately avoided capturing anyone's face clearly with my camera, as I believed that the essence of the moment was more important than achieving perfect sharpness or creating a meticulously documented record.
The movement and events of those days felt somewhat abstract to me, and I found it difficult to distinguish the good from the bad in the policies behind it all. In the end, equipped with 400 ASA films and a low shutter speed, I began taking photographs. The result was a series of somewhat blurry pictures, a blend of colors and figures that, in my view, conveyed a truer sense of the atmosphere compared to a confusing portrayal of reality during those tumultuous days.

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