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"It was a woman. Her name was gaphi mahso/Yaje Woman. It happened in the beginning of time. In the beginning of time, when the Anaconda-Canoe was ascending into the rivers to settle mankind all over the land, there appeared the Yaje Woman. The canoe had arrived at a place called dia vii, the House of the Waters, and the men were sitting in the first maloca (a kind of central village hut) when the Yaje Woman arrived. She stood in front of the maloca, and there she gave birth to her child; yes, that was where she gave birth. The Yaje Woman took a plant and cleaned herself and the child. This is a plant the leaves of which are red as blood on the underside, and she took these leaves and with them she cleaned the child. The leaves were shiny red, brilliant red, and so was the umbilical cord. It was red and yellow and white, shining brightly. It was a long umbilical cord, a large piece of it. She is the mother of the yaje vine.”

-The Desana myth (transcribed by G. Reichel-Dolmatoff) of the Snake-Canoe descending from the Milky Way with the first inhabitants of the world, which is transformed into the High River Fire Canoe carrying yagé (ayahuasca) people.

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