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"MANIC SPARKLE" Golestan Gallery, Tehran/Iran 2013

Do these images bother you? This fish is the same as the one you cut into pieces, fry in safron and swallow in Nowruz.
The same fly that you crush for your comfort on a hot summer day. The same egg that in your breakfast at dawn does not become a fetus, and if it does survive, is skewered and eaten with much delight during your feasts. The same cup of head in the rubai of your favorite poet, the calligraphy of whose art adorns your walls. And these are the same creatures you spend hours enjoying while watching your favorite science fiction film.
The distance between the «self» and the «other», one which intimidates and irritates you, is much shorter than you think.
This half is just that half, in another form. In reality, they are not «halves» actually, and only in mind do they become expressed in separate concepts. The differences among these forms are also superficial. They are simultaneous expressions of a unitary being. These are all expressions of death, while life and death are half expressions of the simultaneity of our unitary being. So as a wise man said, «You will know how to live, when you know how to die. Everyday ask the bird on your shoulder: Is this the day I will die, my little bird? Have I lived the way I want to live? Am I the person I want to be?»
Mystics have always said that only when we awaken to the hypnotism of everyday life do we find any hope for liberation.
To free himself, the prisoner must first realize that he or she is in prison. Sparks of awakening do not come by themselves since these sparks can only become liberating when they are accompanied by your awareness. These are the sparks of mania of a self in an artist, an effort to make himself and you mad before it is too late, when the cup of our head is crushed in the mill of the heavenly wheel. A voice from Nima, of he who comes from the half borderlands of abuse and pleasure, of life and death, and of the «self» and the «other.»
At Dawn a Voice from Our Tavern came:
"O Ruin-Dweller! Our Mad and Sly in Fame!
"Awake! Let's Fill the Cup of Our Body before
"The cup from our body is filled with the same!"
Omar Khayyam
-Mohammad H. (Behrooz) Tamdgidi, Ph.D. (Okcir’s Director)

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