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"DECAY" Exile Cafe/Gallery, Famagusta/North Cyprus 2022

Varosha-Maraş was one of the famous holiday resort of Cyprus prior to the ethnic conflict in Cyprus. The City is under the control of Turkish army and closed for settlement since 13, August 1974.
Related with the “Ghost City” that fenced off for any settlement until Cyprus problem resolved, United Nations (UN) Resolution 550 points out the City can be open to settlement only by its inhabitants.
Not taking a step further for a resolution in their “rightful” scenarios, the existent approaches of the related parties that extremely lack of empathy has strictly left Varosha-Maraş as the hostage of Cyprus problem.
Open the fenced off City to visit recently as part of the diplomatic manoeuvre clearly exposes the level of decay in related parties’ existent approaches to the conflict. Much more than the related parties’ political stand points and/or on the old buildings of Varosha-Maraş, this also signals a decay in morals that aims to extract a “success” over other’s pains.
Pain has no religion, language or color. Showing off over someone else’s pain is a disgrace. DECAY, invites you to feel the shame of Varosha-Maraş as the scapegoat of Cyprus problem. Alkan,2021

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