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We, like two openings facing
aware of any of each other’s ramblings.
Everyday, salutation, amenities and laughter,
everyday, a tryst for tomorrow,
life, a mirror of heaven, but…alas
shorter than the night and days of June and December
now my heart is broken and tired,
because one of the openings is shut.
Neither the sun did sorcery nor the moon magic,
Curse be upon the journey, he did it all – everything that happened.

Mahdi Akhavan Saless, (Mim-Omid)
Tehran, December 1957


Pari Zangane is an Iranian opera singer born in 1939. She composed 'The Openings' at the age of 32 in 1974 after having lost her sight in a car accident in 1971. 'The Openings' was published in 1975 as a part of 'Avaz Haye Emruz' (Today's Songs) album by the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults.
Mahdi Akhavan Sales (1928 - 1990) is an Iranian poet and writer. His works revolve around social and individual concepts.

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